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Where it's Warm

The Crooked East

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Where it's Warm

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"Where it's Warm" is a six-song EP. Each song will be released as a single, beginning with "Release Me."

"Where it's Warm" es un EP de seis canciones. Cada canción se lanzará como un sencillo, comenzando con "Release Me".

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    Release Me

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    Where it's Warm

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    Through the Fire, Through the Rain

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    I'm Thinking it Over

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Praise for "Where it's Warm"

-#4 in From the Strait's "Indie List" ("I'm Thinking it Over")

-#16 on SubmitHub's "Hot 50 Top Songs" ("Through the Fire, Through the Rain"--Alt/Rock) 

-#48 on SubmitHub's "Hot 50 Top Songs" ("I'm Thinking it Over"--Alt/Rock)

-"A cool natured indie rock and classic rock sort of blend. Really well produced and crafted" -We All Want Someone To Shout For  ("Release Me")

-"A more than enjoyable listen featuring rolling guitar waves, a thumping bassline low end, strong lead vocal performance that sits with precision on top the mix, punchy drumming backbone pulse, imaginative and immersive lyrics and a clean mix/master. Props are due." -Music on the Moon ("Release Me")

-"Lovely feeling of the track - lyrics & soundscape, with a nice flow & cadence, strong harmonies & counter-harmonies, warm textures - quite fond of the bass line" -Phonograph Me ("Release Me")

-"Catchy guitar chords here and the balanced instrumentation. Composition is impressive...I see high potential here" -DE MUSIC  ("Release Me")

-"Emotional and I liked the strong guitar tunes and a confident rhythm. Good clear vocals too, solid mixing" -Elena ("Release Me")

-"I dig the catchy vibe as well as the lead guitar sound. well written and a cool voice" -Magic Frog Company  ("Release Me")

-"The song blends indie with rock in a very thoughtful way. I think the production is great" -Alfitude  ("Release Me")

-"Brings about such a heartwarming feeling. The way the vocal sings brings about such an easy and mellow feel. It's like sitting under the tree and enjoying the breeze of the world" -Empty Room Productions  ("Release Me")

-"There's no doubting the mood and atmosphere of the track, and the vocals add a clear sense of feeling to" -Various Small Flames ("Release Me")

 “Enjoyed relaxing atmosphere created by tender guitars and nice vocals, the composition and production is on point.” -UM Squad  ("Where it's Warm")

“really impressed by your ability to weave such a deep and compelling atmosphere, the slow burning mood gradually kicking into confident rhythm...we hope it receives the attention it deserves” -Various Small Flames ("Where it's Warm")

“A meditative slow burn of atmosphere and lovely vocals. Well made “ -We All Want Someone To Shout For ("Where it's Warm")

“I gotta say there's something to the sounds here that feels so somber. The vocal with its mellow drive and the guitar's touching motion are just so compelling.” -empty-room-productions ("Where it's Warm")

“a beautiful production here, with a lovely melody” -Alfitude  ("Where it's Warm")

“I really love your influences and style. This sounds like a Jarvis Cocker sound that we now have the good fortune of hearing. The tune is great” -Alt77 ("Where it's Warm")

-"Reminds me of the great Britpop sounds of the early 1990s. It's arrogant in a great way" -Alt77 ("Through the Fire, Through the Rain")

-"Atmospheric delivery. Nice fusion sound. Captivating instrumental" -Grotesqualizer  ("Through the Fire, Through the Rain")

-"Lovely sound" -American Pancake ("Through the Fire, Through the Rain")

-"A poignant build to this track" -BOOT--MUSIC ("Through the Fire, Through the Rain")

-“What a great, highly British sound, coming from North America. This was great! To be honest, it reminded me of Morrissey's classic albums. I liked the lyrical content as well. And, that's a great chorus hook.”  -Alt77 ("I'm Thinking it Over") 

-I like the energy. The subtle yet confident lead vocal delivery. Textured overdriven guitars. Punchy kit sound. Soaring melody lines. Thumping bassline low end. All around well crafted.”  -Music on the Moon ("I'm Thinking it Over") 

-”I enjoyed the vocals (as I did before on "Through the Fire, Through the Rain"), feeling intense and deep, as well as meaningful and engaging,”  -Phonograph Me ("I'm Thinking it Over") 

-I like the fresh vibe and the garage energy”  -Rock Fueguino ("I'm Thinking it Over") 

-”I like the way the muted riff moves this along—and the soaring feel of the hook as everything opens up”  -Run Hundred ("I'm Thinking it Over") 

-”Upbeat, energetic, and punchy in style. The track blends pop rock, alt-rock, and indie rock textures that make for a bright, crisp, and engaging musical character that’s easy to follow through. Clearly you have a knack for this type of sound. Appreciate the melodic and hooky elements permeating the air. Like the driving tonality as well as the simple, vibey vocals. Recalls the likes of Oasis, Radiohead, R.E.M., Sonic Youth, The Verve, etc.”  -Unxigned  ("I'm Thinking it Over") 

-”A nice confident new wave and 80s post punk and dreamy rock and indie elements with a heartfelt vocal performance and some great production on the instrumentation.”  -We All Want Someone To Shout For ("I'm Thinking it Over")


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