Early Praise for "The Faceless Purge"

“a real futuristic sound”  -Ze Rock Porto

“very alternative sound with several synth elements”  -Rock'n'Roll Vibration Alternativa Rock

“nos gusta mucho la energía y dinamismo así como la expresividad de los sintetizadores y elementos electrónicos (we really like the energy and dynamism as well as the expressiveness of the synthesizers and electronic elements)”  -R+

“really unique”  -CLOUT

“lovely song…well produced”  -darkTunes Music Group

“Fantastic track - great mix of genres and sound to create something unique”  -From The Strait

“commanding vocal performance”  -Unrecorded

“good music, I liked it”  -Panda Radio Premier - Hungary / Serbia

“la instrumental te transporta al pasado, el vocalista tiene una interpretación particular pero original (The instrumental transports you to the past, the vocalist has a particular but original interpretation)”  -Piloto Records

“realmente al escuchar este envío tuvimos una experiencia fresca pues su juego de atmósferas es muy agradable, pensamos que musicalmente transmiten muchas emociones (fresh experience … its play of atmospheres is very pleasant … musically they transmit many emotions)”  -Zona Emergente

“very cool and in some ways even innovative, I especially liked the drum and guitar vocal parts … in the style of art rock”  -We Love Lo-fi Music

“A groovy and thrilling lively rock performance with some awesome instrumentation and a rousing larger than life scope. We definitely hear some early Muse in its DNA. Punchy and fun”  -We All Want Someone To Shout For

“dark melodies, emotional performance and captivating guitars”  -UM Squad

“catchy and unique … great vibe and synths!”  -Sinusoidal Music

“podemos decir que logran un sonido instrumental muy agradable, nos ha gustado el juego de atmósferas electrónicas ya que resultan demasiado hipnotizantes (a very pleasant instrumental sound … the play of electronic atmospheres are quite hypnotizing)”  -Rockola Indie

“Experimental …the dark interpretation is really good, combined with the interesting melody arrangements, such a good track!”  -Rock Fueguino

“multi textured and multilayered melodic line … well made … great details and textures … and subtleties”  -Phonograph Me

“composition … is interesting, with thick bass running throughout … a touch of futuristic synth that gives it a unique color”  -ParaPOP

“swell of sound, the kind that has a world music and trad quality … the Crooked East are nothing if not capable of splicing and dicing their sound so the Faceless Purge operates along rock and progressive lines as well a more classic sound. It is a lot to take in and that is before we get to a chorus that feels like it has witnessed the end of the world. This could easily be turned into a full scale musical such are the stack of ideas that proliferate throughout”  -mp3hugger

“Solid bass line here running like a thread through the song providing some great drive”  -Jelle Ravesloot

“captivating swirling instrumentation, skillful synth. Enjoyable vocals”  -Indie Obsessive

“Beautiful track”  -Havoc Underground

“Fantastic track - great mix of genres and sound to create something unique”  -From The Strait

“su sonido es súper divertido y explosivo, nos gusta mucho la energía que transmite su instrumental ya que contiene una fusión de secuencias muy envolventes (super fun and explosive, we really like the energy that their instrumental transmits since it contains a fusion of very involving sequences)”  -End Sessions

“Very vibrant”  -Destroy//Exist

“pretty cool with plenty of rhythm”  -Darkus Magazine

“90s vibe … overall energy is great”  -Darkenin Heart

“slight 90's vibe … evokes a slight nostalgia … the charisma of your voice will charm any listener, the way you sing sweetly is captivating”  -Daria Ra

“nice dark rock song”  -Dansende Beren

“interesting instrumental choices”  -buffaBLOG

“Tienes una buena canción, la música es un rock alternativo con tintes oscuros, la guitarra junto con la batería marcan el estilo al que se suma una voz de estilo dramático que es la protagonista (You have a good song, the music is an alternative rock with dark overtones, the guitar along with the drums mark the style to which is added a dramatic style voice that is the protagonist)”  -Bravo Revista

“done well”  -Austin Town Hall

“interconnecting layers of sound”  -American Pancake

“Love the influences … almost feels like you soundtracked a Sunrise. It's large, dramatic and certainly very colourful”  -Alt77

“enjoyed the production and musical elements”  -A Theatre and Pop Music Podcast

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